The #1 Mistake Mom’s Make When Trying To Lose Body Fat

Being a mom is a full-time job 🕐.

If you’re working, you basically have two full-time jobs.

Of course, there’s no greater gift than being a mom (just ask mine), but you’re tired, stressed, and your body just works a hell of a lot differently 😡.

Not only have you put on a lot of body fat since you had kids, but it’s nearly impossible to get it off now.

That lean toned physique you dreamed of seems completely out of reach now.

Your body just isn’t responding like it used to 🤔…

And now your posture is getting worse from holding kids and/or the endless driving you’ve been doing for the kids.

Your body is so inflamed from all the stress and changes to your body, and now comes the joint pain! 😰

You’re so confused with all the options out there. Should I do classes? What diet should I do?

Training for 11 years now and working with hundreds of moms, I’ve seen it A LOT: you start an exercise routine only to STOP in anger and frustration because:

A) it’s too effing hard!
B) The diet is too complicated and restrictive to stick to
C) You don’t see the results you used to
D) You get injured

I started training my mother about 1.5 years ago, and according to her it “changed my life.”

Before, she had been going to group classes 4-6x/week and trying every diet under the sun.

She’s been trying to weight and avoid getting knee surgery.

And now? She has:

🌟 Lost 10 lbs of pure body fat (not just weight)
🌟 Avoided knee surgery
🌟 Not stopped nagging me

The last part has nothing to do with her results I just thought you should know that.

This is only training 2x/week and eventually making small diet changes.

Just keeping it VERY SIMPLE.

The #1 mistake moms make when trying to lose body fat is NOT KEEPING THEIR DIET AND EXERCISE SIMPLE!

I’ve heard of exercise programs recommending 14 hours per week of work outs.

Even more than 3 workouts a week is a lot for you moms out there!

Counting calories and cutting out certain foods/macronutrients is A) too hard B) too restrictive and C) no way to live your life.

Programs out there call for 100% adherence, which maybe if you were single with no kids would be somewhat attainable. But now? No way in hell!

I, on the other hand, have an unorthodox and progressive fat loss system for moms I want to show you.

You’ll learn:

🔑 How to eat what you want and still lose body fat and inches
🔑 How to increase your metabolism with just 2 workouts per week
🔑 The #1 secret to avoiding low back, knee, and other joint pain
🔑 How to do strength training without bulking

I’m looking for 10 moms between the ages of 30-50 years old that want to lose body fat for a specialized 21 day program. Apply HERE if:

✅ You live or work on the westside
✅ Are open to changing up your entire workout program (and most of the time doing less)
✅ Are open to dietary changes
✅ Can train in our Brentwood studio 2x/week for 45 minutes

Apply below 👇.

If this isn’t you, please forward to moms out there that this is a good fit for!

I love you,

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