1 Simple Trick to Help You Break a Failing Diet Cycle – Listen To The Best Personal Trainer in West Los Angeles


Behavior is the most underrated factor of a successful nutrition plan. The raisin drill will help you eat mindfully, changing how you think about food, your relationship with it, and how present you are during each meal (you can learn more about mindful eating HERE). Being a personal trainer in West Los Angeles, this is an easy trick to apply because of the influx of New Age schools of thought.

This gem is compliments of Precision Nutrition’s John Berardi.

1. Sit at a table with no distractions in sight (magazines, people, Rubik’s cube, etc)

2. Place 10 Raisins on the table in random fashion

3. Set a timer for 10 minutes

4. Eat the raisins, but don’t finish them before your 10 minutes is up

5. After you’re done, log your feelings, thoughts, senses, etc that occurred before and after.

THE CYCLE – You start a diet just to find yourself days later so disgustingly full-  almost sick to the stomach, regretting all the gluttony you partook in, and then negotiating with yourself on how you’re going to get back on track. The next day hangover, you quickly text your trainer and book 3 personal training sessions for the next day, sign up for the LA Marathon, and register for 2 Crossfit classes in hopes of burning the calories off. So frustrated with the diet, you quit two weeks later.

diet –> break the diet –> binge –> get back on the diet –> quit –> new diet

Growing up in the Los Angeles area, I have been surrounded by trillions of diet fads from a young age. I’ve personally experienced great results from many diet protocols out there: paleo, low carb, carb timing, meal timing, calorie “zig-zagging,” and of course the Tracy Anderson patented sub-500 calorie/day starvation diet (kidding). Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with these diet strategies, the point I’m making is that you can get quick results with any protocol- IF YOU STICK TO IT.

Stick to it? Ah, the catch 22 of getting lean, toned, jacked, strong, or whatever physique you’re training for. The lady at the Brentwood Lululemon swears you’ll get the long and lean look (without bulking up ;-))  from the paleo diet, your bro Velocity Sports Performance West LA promises 10 pounds of muscle in 2 days by only eating carbs within 5 hours post workout.  ALL THESE DIETS CAN ALL WORK, but at the end of the day how you stick to it is all between the ears.

Share your results in the comment log. From my coaching experience, this is one of the most eye opening drills. Here’s a video of myself doing the drill (note: the amount of boredom you have watching this is multiplied by 50 in my doing the test- what does that say?):

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