25 Minute Intermediate Fat Loss Routine

When you have a girlfriend, people ask, “when are you going to propose?”

After you propose, people ask, “when is your wedding?”

After you get married, people ask, “when are you having kids?”

I always joke that my clients are my birth control. Summers doomed with rushing your kids around, finding camps for them, entertaining them, and taking them with you on vacation just doesn’t sound that appetizing just yet.

But I totally empathize with you parents out there!

Summer’s just aren’t yours anymore.

But thank god they’ll eventually go back to school.

In September, I’m launching a 4 week Back To School Jump-Start:

– 8 Semi-Private Training Sessions
– 4 Live Workshops From The Top Health Professionals in Los Angeles
– Private Accountability Group
– Diet Coaching

For those of you who register before August 15th, you’ll ALSO receive custom at home workouts + a private personal training session.

THIS video is a sample of an at home workout you’ll receive: https://youtu.be/_4Y_lKtQE6U

I train a lot of parents, and the summer is the toughest time to train. Lots of travel, inconsistent schedule with the kids, and fitness/diet go to crap.

September is a different beast, and now it’s your time to get in the best shape of your life!

If you’re ready to step up your fitness and health, reply to this email with the subject “I’m In!”

Please forward this email to any of your parent friends who you think may be a good fit.

In Good Health,

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