3 Tips For Fixing Muscle Imbalances Featuring September’s Client of The Month Faisal B. | Dylan Conrad Fitness | Personal Trainer in West Los Angeles

First off, I just want to give a big shout out to the winner of October’s client of the month Faisal B. Congrats, my dude! Faisal started back in August when he was fasting for Ramadan. If you ever thought you had an excuse not to train, think about not eating or drinking for a full day and then training at 5pm (and not being able to eat or drink until 8pm) and then reassess your excuse 🙂 As a personal trainer in West Los Angeles, I can make plenty of excuses just like everyone else, this difference is committing to your goals and finding “why” you’re doing them in the first place.

Faisal came in to me with the goal of correcting his muscle imbalances. Well, in order to correct these imbalances we had to find what was giving him these imbalances in the first place. So, we performed a functional movement screening, in which we found he had zero hamstring flexibility, rotational stability, squat pattern, and shoulder range of motion. Assessing his imbalances from side to side was goal #1. One of his shoulders was hiked up. This was due to an imbalance seen at his hips (same side hip hiked up), so we focused on that first.

Then, we started our way from the ground up focusing on his rotation stability (AKA core stability) and hamstring flexibility. Further testing and observation led me to believe it wasn’t really a hamstring flexibility issue, but rather a core stability issue. 9/10 times a hamstring flexibility deficit is really just a core stability issue disguised.

Don’t believe me? Try this:

Tip #1: Fix your core stability via breathing techniques and core movements to enhance your hamstring mobility.

Place your leg on a box in front of you to stretch your hamstring. Straighten your back out. Close down the space between your ribs and pelvis WITHOUT rounding your lower back. You see how much range you just gained?


Tip #2: Correct hip asymmetry before shoulder asymmetry.

If one of your shoulders is higher than the other, its’ typically because of your hips. Try this: Feet Elevated Band Resisted Clam Shell Iso Holds (compliments of Matthew Uohara (haleinusc.com). How to: Lie on your side with feet on foam roller (see picture below). With your feet together, push the knee of your shorter hip forward and then lift for a 6 second hold. Repeat 6x. On the longer side, push the knee backwards.


Tip #3: Go barefoot!

To piggy back on last weeks post, your feet will help correct movement/muscle imbalances up the chain (knees, hips, core, shoulder), so having a nice arch is key. Workout your arches by going barefoot!

Again, congrats to Faisal B. He loves to take his shoes and socks off when he trains, and overworks himself to the ground. So, he will be receiving a FREE bottle of Hale Inu KRILL OIL and 3 different Injinji Toe Socks to keep him germ free and reaping the benefits of barefoot training.

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