4 Ways To Make Dieting More Enjoyable


Dieting sucks. I’m not going to try and sugar coat it.

As you all know, I hired a coach about 2 months ago.

The diet is very interesting:

Eat the highest amount of calories possible while losing weight.

For example, I’m eating 2400 calories each day with a 2700 calorie refeed 2x/week, and still able to lose body fat. This is the highest I can go without stalling weight loss.

But, I can’t go over those two numbers because it will skew the results otherwise.

Therefore my adherence has to be 100% perfect.

I couldn’t get this down for the first month, and I kept finding myself going way over my calories on random days.
I felt annoyed at the progress, bored with the diet, and just overall disappointed.

Here are 4 changes I made to make my diet NOT suck. I highly recommend implementing these strategies if you’re feeling like your diet DOES suck:

  1. Intermittent Fasting

If you’re annoyed of me talking about intermittent fasting (IF), I’ve done my job. However, I’ve changed my approach a bit on IF.

Now, instead of completely fasting, I allow myself to have some milk in my amazing morning latte. Because I’m implementing #4 below, it’s important I’m actually eating stuff I like and not stuff that taste like cardboard.

Implement IF if you LOVE big meals. I like to eat 2 big meals and a snack or two between. I feel super full and satisfied going to sleep. Someone once told me if you want to lose weight you have to go to sleep hungry. Blasphemy! Going to sleep hungry is the absolute worst.

  1. Intuitive Eating (AKA Mindful Eating)

If you’re annoyed of me talking about mindful eating, I’ve also done my job!

When I started working with my new coach, I would just eat as fast as possible and rush to my next task, usually rushing to the next task after that and just sending my day into a tailspin.

He asked me how fast I was eating when I told him I kept going over calories. Caught!

Taking time to eat and really focus on the taste, texture, and level of fullness makes me feel a lot more calm and also really helps me enjoy the foods I’m eating. I haven’t gone over my calories since I’ve implemented this!

  1. Remove Distractions

This goes in line with intuitive eating, but when you’re focused on TV, emails, other people, it’s hard to focus on how fast and how much you’re eating. This makes it super easy to go over calories.

Plus, why would you eat food if you’re not even enjoying it and you’re doing it secondary?

However, if you don’t have time or willpower to remove the distractions here’s my tip: Pause the TV, hide the phone, and stop talking for just the time that you are actually eating. Focus on the food, and when you’re done chewing and swallowing, take a breather and return to emails, Game of Thrones, sexting your ex, or whatever distraction was in front of you before.

  1. Never Restrict

Going into a restriction mindset will lead to misery, and in most cases binging on food eventually and ruining your progress. Even if you are restricting calories, macro nutrients, types of foods, you can still get out of the mindset of being restricted by implementing strategies (1-3).

Even during IF, you shouldn’t feel restricted because if you’re doing it right, you’re never hungry.

Remember that restriction is just a mindset, and if you focus on the positive parts of your diet such as how it makes you feel and how the amazing foods you’re eating are satisfying you, you will feel much less miserable during your diet.



I’ve personally tried every diet approach, and the most important thing is to focus on the positives. For example, instead of focusing on how much food your friend gets to eat, focus on how much energy you have. Instead of focusing on having to hit your protein goal, focus on how your flat stomach feels or will feel when you wake up in the morning. Just a little food for thought (pun intended!).


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