5 Best Bodyweight Glute Exercises

There are two things everyone knows:

1. Marshawn Lynch gives great interviews

2. I have a big strong butt


Part of this is genetics (I get it from my momma). And the other part is my training routine (environment). Which factor has more to do with my glutes is definitely how I train, because otherwise I’d just have a big ass with no muscle. How environment trumps genetics is another blog topic, so let’s stay on point here.


If you are looking to have a more toned backside or increase your squat, deadlift, or single leg strength, these are the top 5 glute exercises out there:


1. Shoulders Elevated Glute Bridges – This move is great

This move is great because it causes you to maximally contract your glutes while the hips are in posterior pelvic tilt. This tilt is not only a great corrective exercise but causes the glutes to contract even harder. Perform 15 to 50 reps until your glutes are screaming.

2. “Cook” Hip Lift

Created by Dr. Gray Cook, this move is great because it increases activation in the working glute because of the opposing hip in a great amount of flexion. Great “filler” exercise to use in between squats and deadlifts. Try adding in 2 sets of 8 to 12 reps between sets.

3.  Wide Stance Squats

They did a research on squat stance and muscle activation patterns. For a long time, bodybuilders and bro scientists alike believed narrow stance squats were harder on your quads. There is actually no quad activation change in stance, but there is a huge change in wide stance squats.

4.  “Butt” Extensions

These are the best replacements for back extensions. First off, they won’t crush your lumbar spine like back extensions will. And second, it’s a different angle to hit your glutes at…these should actually be called hip extension because it’s your hips doing all the work, not your back.

5.  Fire Hydrant Iso Holds

These are a prime staple at DC Fitness. I use these for glute activation in all planes of motion (extension, abduction, and external rotation).

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