5 New TRX Core Moves You’ve Never Seen

The TRX is one of THE BEST implement for training the abs.

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Back to the TRX! The reason it’s the best implement for training the abs is the instability of the TRX causes the core to work much harder.


This means:


– Increased metabolic demand

– Increased muscle mass growth

– Better low back health


Here are 5 new TRX core moves you’ve probably never tried before:


  1. TRX Hand Releases

Lay parallel to the ground, inverted under the TRX. Grab the handles, and bring you feet under your knees. Bridge the hips up, and while holding release one hand to the ground, touch the ground, and recover your grip to the ring. Alternate to the other side and perform the same movement.


  1. TRX Body Saw To Pike

On your hands or elbows, with your feet strapped into the TRX handles, squeeze your butt checks and extend your body back. You should feel a deep stretch in your abs, and make sure your body stays parallel with the ground. Return to the beginning position and simultaneously lift your hips to the sky.


  1. TRX Pallof Press

This is one of those moves that you have to execute perfectly to really feel it, so pay attention to the details. Facing perpendicular to the TRX, with both hands interlocked in one handle, put your outside foot IN FRONT of the inside foot. Drop your body out, keeping your body in a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Your body should be small angle from the ground. Press the TRX handle away from your body in front of you and hold. If you feel you have to compensate to get into position, move your body more vertical to make it easier.


  1. TRX Glute Bridge Iso Hold

Lying on your back with the middle bottom of the foot on the TRX handle, put your foot under your knee with the knee bent. Bridge your hips up as high as you can and hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Keep you knee bent the entire time.


  1. TRX Arm Marches

On your elbows, strap your feet in the TRX handles. Bridge up into the plank position with your feet wide apart. March one arm overhead, maintining your hips square to the ground. Don’t let either hip lift. Alternate arm marches from side to side.


You can either do these for timed sets or for reps.


Keep the reps between 10-30 and time between 20-60 seconds. Make sure you take complete rest periods to produce a larger metabolic effect.


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