For The Busy Professional: 5 Unconventional Ways To Stay Strong, Healthy, and Fit

It’s 9PM Thursday night and your stuck at work grinding away on a deadline.

You haven’t gotten up for 5 hours in a row: bouncing between calls, fending off annoying co-workers whose life mission seems to be ruining your train of thought, and trying to ignore your friend DM’ing you these videos:

The last 8 years since I became a personal trainer (excluding when I trained in college), I’ve found myself coming home completely exhausted and looking for anything to comfort me and take me away from the discomfort and anxiety I was feeling from the day.

This usually resulted in forcing myself to go to sleep or “checking out.”

The uncertainty of each day’s schedule, mixed with a combination of changing gears between running a business and being a personal trainer have had many negative impacts on my health, well-being, and relationships.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been toying around with some changes that have made my days more productive, healthy, and happy.

Here are 5 tips for the busy professional to stay strong, healthy, and fit:

1. Meal Timing DOES NOT Matter

With the growth of intermittent fasting (not eating for the first half of the day), research has continued to demonstrate the meal timing has no effect on your metabolism and overall health.

Does this mean you should do intermittent fasting? Maybe.

What does this mean you shouldn’t do? Stress or freak out about how often you’re eating. The only setback skipping meals and not eating for a prolonged period of time (aside from blood glucose and energy levels) is that you are more likely to overeat or binge. When you have your first meal and you’re starving, take a deep relaxing breath, get all distractions out of your way, and focus on the taste of the food and the fullness level of your stomach.

2. Pomodoro Walking

Intervals are great not only for fitness, but also for staying focused during work. Just as in high intensity interval training, if you do not rest, you will not be able to keep the intensity high.

If you do not rest while you are working, you will not be able to keep the quality high.

That’s why I use the “Pomodoro Timer” for my interval working.

I have the Pomodoro app on my phone and computer, and it basically has you work for 25 minutes, and then sounds a bell telling you to rest for 5 minutes.

During my 5 minutes, I drop everything I’m doing and go for a walk to clear my head.

Walking is very helpful in aiding the body’s recovery. After all, the results you see from working out happen IN BETWEEN workouts, and if you aren’t resting/recovering well, the results won’t be as good.

With this method, I’m able to work uninterrupted for about 3 hours with the quality super high.

That’s why I’m able to post amazing articles like this all the time 😜.

3. The Four Cycle Drill

Pomodoro’s aren’t the end all be all. Back to interval training for a second: if you are pushing the intensity too high on any of the rounds, you won’t be able to get your intensity high for the coming rounds even with sufficient rest.

If you are extremely stressed from the work you are doing for a block of time, even with enough rest you won’t be able to keep the quality of your work high.

Breathing exercises are fantastic for allowing you to do focused high quality work in a way your body and mind feel relaxed while doing it. It brings you back to the present.

The four cycle drill:

– 1 deep diaphragmatic inhale thru the nose
– Exhale thru your mouth
– Focus on the sensations of the inhale and exhale
– Repeat for 4 cycles of inhale/exhale
– Repeat 4 times throughout the day

4. Simplify Your Workout Routine

We have a finite amount of decisions we can make in the day.

As we get decision making fatigue, we start limiting the decisions we will make.

That is why night time is the most common time for people to overeat, eat junk, skip their workouts.

If you are going to the gym and have to think about your routine each day and find yourself stuck in your head with paralysis by analysis, try this:

Write a simple exercise routine and repeat the same exercises for four weeks: progressing in weight, reps, or decreasing rest periods.

Use this simple full body template:

A1. Squat variation
A2. Upper body pressing variation
B1. Single leg variation
B2. Upper body pulling variation
C1. Core
C2. Core
C3. Corrective exercise or core

5. The 5 “Why” Drill

We lose motivation because we forget “why” we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place.

Take your main goal.

Ask yourself why you want to achieve that goal.

Ask yourself again why that why is your why.

Repeat this 3 more times.

You’ve found your why!

I’ll use myself as an example:

Main goal – lose body fat
Why? So I can look good
Why do you want to look good? So I can set an example for our clients
Why do you want to set an example for your clients? So they get amazing results
Why do you want your clients to get amazing results? Because I want them to feel great about themselves!

So, what’s the reason I workout? So my clients can feel amazing about themselves!

Loved this article? Hated it and want to laugh at me to your friends?

Either way, feel free to forward this!


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