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If your looking for a personal trainer in West Los Angeles, now thru the New Year is make or break time when it comes to your physique, performance, and other fitness goals. From personal experience, I know this is a time where many people put their training and nutrition as the last priority. The thought process is, “well, I’m already going to eat like crap and have no time to train, so I might as well just wait until the New Year to focus on myself.”


Managing yourself is probably the toughest thing to do. Work, kids, spouse, social life, etc make everyone busy. But, you know what? I haven’t heard anyone ever say they aren’t busy. Everyone’s busy! What separates those who are successful is they make time. I want to make sure you don’t fall into either of these patterns…

That’s why for the next two weeks I’m starting my 14 Day Jump Start Program, which includes:

  • 4 training sessions
  • Custom nutrition plan
  • 24/7 email support to help you with your specific fitness goals

The cost for this program is $289, but until next Sunday I’m knocking $150 off the price!

Yup, only $129. If you refer someone to the 14 Day Jump Start, you will also get 2 raffle tickets for the referral raffle. Just click the forward banner at the bottom of this email. Again, the prizes include:

Enroll today! Offer is only good until next Sunday (11/17) and only good for people that are NEW to the fitness family.

Click here to reserve your spot

If you have any questions, you can email Sam @ Samantha@giltdesigngroup.com/dylan-import


Looking forward to getting you results.



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