Be a Fat Burning Beast While Sparing Your Low Back: Featuring February’s Client of The Month Barron J. | Dylan Conrad Fitness | Personal Trainer in West Los Angeles

Metabolic resistance training is king when it comes to torching body fat.

Here’s one of the circuits we used to boost client of the month Barron J.’s metabolism while sparing his low back, tight hamstrings, and address is core weakness:

10 Minute Density Circuit (8 reps each exercise performed for as many rounds as possible)

A1. Tall Kneeling Medicine Ball Slams

A2. Push Ups

A3. Kettlebell Thrusters

A4. Starfish Planks



 Within the paradigm of functional training, movement- proper movement- comes first. So should you sit around and just do boring corrective exercise in hopes of one day becoming mobile and stable enough to graduate to metabolic resistance training?

As we increase demand on our body in the form of number of repetitions, weight, or cardiovascular capacity, our technique is greatly compromised. And when our technique is compromised, we will start utilizing the wrong muscles and putting harmful stress on our joints.

Basically the harder the exercise becomes, the worse our technique is. And the worse our technique is, the greater the risk of becoming injured.

From my time in the trenches, I KNOW that even the most movement restricted person has a couple movements they completely dominate in. So instead of focusing on where our restrictions are, let’s focus on which movements can be performed without compensation.

This is my approach when training all my clients, and in particular Barron J., February’s client of the month. Barron came into me with some hamstring flexibility issues, core weakness, a history of low back pain, and the desire to shed some unwanted body fat. However, we found he has near perfect shoulder mobility, rotational stability, and squat pattern. This is enough to create a combination of exercise to put into a metabolic circuit, so that’s exactly what we did.

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