Technique Police: The Proper Way To Front Squat

I hope everyone’s having a great week thus far. Myself, well I’m currently on a plane heading to Barcelona (pronounced Barthhh-Thhha-Lona)! First time to Europe and I couldn’t be more excited to wear my tourist pants for a bit.



But enough about me. In last week’s blog, we went over the bodyweight squat in great detail. Now, I’m hoping you tried this movement out if you haven’t done it before, and if you have hopefully you found some new cue to help you squat more effectively.

This week, we are going over the barbell front squat. This is the progression from last weeks bodyweight squat, and is great for causing a higher level of metabolic stress to the body, as well as helping correct many muscle imbalances.

I’m also going to go through what I believe to be the perfect warm up progression for the front squat.


The Front Squat


Most people will go through there lifetime picking up a couch, a keg, another human being, or a bag of charcoal. If you can do this movement without wrecking your body, you can front squat.

The front squat has the best functional carryover to everyday life of any exercise, and further is great for creating more thoracic extension (for better upright posture).


The Front Rack Position


Establishing a proper front rack position will determine how well you are able to get into the bottom position of the front squat. Also, if you plan on ever Olympic lifting or already partake in it, the front rack position will help your receive the bar in the barbell “Clean” maneuver.


1. Turn your palm toward the front of your bodyrack posiiton starting

2. Curl your hand to your shoulder, and raise your elbow to a 90-degree angle

front rack mid position
3. Flip your palm up to the sky

front rack end position


Lifting The Bar Out


1. Grip the bar with your hands positioned far enough apart so that you can create a shoulder position similar to the one above

2. Roll your hands back into bar to create as much torque as possible

3. Step directly beneath the bar with one foot and bring the same side elbow as high as you can. The idea is to wind up your shoulder to create more tension in your upper back.

front squat first arm under

4. Step inwith your opposite foot and do the same to the elbow. The bar should now be resting on your fingers and shoulders

front squat lift out
5. Keeping your elbows high, screw your feet into the ground, sit your hamstrings back, and lift the bar up out of the rack.

front squat starting side view
6. Walk back with just 2-4 steps total (1-2 steps per leg).


Front Squat


  1. Exactly the same motion as mentioned in last weeks blog. Knees out, hamstrings back, “spread” the floor,” and squeeze your butt at the top.



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