95% of Diets FAIL

95% of diets fail.

The weight loss industry makes $20 BILLION per year.

That means 95% of us are getting completely robbed.

So why do we continue investing?

Well, think about the first diet you tried.

Most likely it worked and you saw results in your body.

Now, think of the diets you’ve tried after this.

More than likely you’ve failed at most (if not all) of them.

The success we had on our first diets is VERY SEDUCTIVE. And so, we continue down the diet train, thinking it’s the only way to lose weight.

Personally, I’ve tried every diet under the sun.

The first of which was basic caloric restriction.

I remember how good I felt with everyone commenting how skinny I had gotten.

I also remember how shitty my body felt. How awkward it felt when going out with friends when food was involved… I couldn’t be social anymore.

It was only a matter of time until my restriction led to some nasty binging.

I gained all the weight back and then some.

That was 15 years ago.

Since then, I’ve yo-yo’d with my weight from as low as 165 lbs to as high as 220 lbs.

Dieting has had some pretty negative effects on my life.

But, how am I supposed to lose body fat if I don’t change my diet?

Do I just have to be miserable?


It’s time to ditch the diet mentality.



No more focusing on food type and portion control!

How do you change your psychology around food?

Become a more intuitive eater.

The intuitive eater eats what they want, but never overeats. They have a stable weight, and never stress out about being on a diet. They eat foods that are satisfying and tasty instead of diet foods. They are happy and healthy, and they participate in exercises they love instead of doing them because they get results.

I’m guessing YOU know someone like this?

Here are 5 intuitive eating rules I’ve used to drop body fat WITHOUT being on a diet:

1. Put Your Weight Loss Goals on The Back Burner For a Minute

Ditch whatever diet you are on and put your weight loss goals on hold for a couple of weeks. Until you can teach your body how to eat again can you focus on weight loss.

When we diet, we lose our hunger and fullness cues, and feel restricted to only certain food types. We are slaves to our calorie journals, and are going nuts that you can’t have that tasty glass of wine when you’re out with your friends. First ditch your diet, and then focus on #2-5 below.

2. “Feel” Your Fullness

As mentioned above, when we diet we lose touch of our hunger and fullness cues. Rather, we just eat strategically and according to what the diet TELLS us to do.

Think of your stomach as a gas tank. How much gas do we need until we are all filled up? “Feel” the food filling up your stomach, bite by bite.

Each time you ingest a bite of food, focus on whether or not you are still hungry. Are you satisfied, or is your stomach not full yet?

3. Eliminate ALL Distractions

Eating with distractions is the same as being on a diet: we completely lose sense of our hunger and fullness cues.

Instead, all of our attention is put into phones, computers, etc.

Focus on our masterpiece of a meal: the texture of the food, taste, how it makes your body feel, etc. Close your eyes next time you eat and really focus on this.

Another tip is to try and track your thoughts while you are eating. Don’t try to eliminate them. Just try to follow them as you eat.

4. Honor Your Hunger

If you are hungry, EAT! When we deny ourselves food, we will have more of a chance of overeating and even worse, bingeing.

Whether you are trying to restrict yourself from eating to eat less, OR you are not eating because you don’t have time, the end result will be the same.

And I promise you, the world will not end if you stop what you’re doing for a second to eat!

5. Don’t Use Food To Cope With Your Emotions

Instead of using food to cope with your anxiety, stress, sadness, etc, ask yourself, “Am I biologically hungry?”

If the answer is yes, then eat!

If the answer is no, then ask yourself:

“What do I really need right now?”

Sometimes it’s a break from work, sometimes it’s a nap, and sometimes it’s just a freaking hug.


Personally, there has been nothing more liberating than intuitive eating. I used to stress out so much about what I was eating, who I was eating with, whether or not I would go over my calories.

I can eat delicious and filling foods, and although I do overeat every once in a while, it’s been a long time since I have completely binged.

My weight hasn’t been this low in about 10 years. AND, it’s stable. I feel calm and collected, no longer frantic and frazzled.

The other morning, I ate part of a cupcake, because I freaking craved it!

Every bite was pure joy, and I nourished every second of it.

How I do one thing is how I do everything, and now I’m a lot less impulsive and more thoughtful of a worker, husband, and friend.

So let’s declare a war on diets.

Why? Because plain and simple: they just don’t work.

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