A Pair of Abs and An Instagram Account: Are You Getting Robbed? | Dylan Conrad Fitness | Personal Trainer in West Los Angeles

Abs? Check.

Instagram account? Check.

Obviously not knowing shit about training and nutrition, yet offering meal plans and training routines? Check?

Instagram is no longer solely used for stalking your ex. Now, you can find tons of healthy recipes, workout demonstrations, and diet ideas from various users.


However, there seems to be a trend that if you show pictures of your abs and are a sponsored athlete of a supplement company, you are some sort of fitness guru.

And it’s really a shame, but the average person searching for a personal trainer does not choose him by his knowledge, ability to get results, or attention to detail. Rather, they choose the trainer who has the best physique, trains celebrity x, or athlete z.

How you as the client attain success is less dependent upon the diet or training program but more so on the coaching process of both.

All of the sudden, this fitness model is an online guru and is making a killing on sales for cookie cutter training routines and diets. Well, he might as well be wearing a ski mask because he’s basically robbing people.

Thing is YOU KNOW for the most part that you need to exercise and eat better to perform better and/or look better. It’s being coached through the process, held accountable, and creating goals within our reach which is the part we as humans are just incapable of.

This article isn’t to blast online coaches. On the contrary, there are many great online coaches and I’d be more than happy to find you the right one.

Rather this article is to help you spot BS. Here’s 5 tell tale signs that you may be getting duped on your training and diet regimen.

  1. Cookie Cutter Programs. You will get the very best results by finding which stimulus you respond to best. And more specifically how to cycle through different stimulus to help you get in peak condition at the right time.
  2. No explanation of the how and why of the program. If someone can’t explain why they’ve included particular foods or exercises in your program, they probably have no idea how that particular stimulus effects your specific make up.
  3. Extreme diets and exercise programs. If you’re in the gym more than 5 hours a week or a sub 1,000 calorie diet, you may have a psychological breakdown before you see any results. Talk about a great way to destroy your metabolism!
  4. No scientific evidence to support claims. Specifically look for made up terms such as “muscle confusion” or “accessory muscles.”
  5. The trainer hinges on celebrity backing instead of real results. The genetically gifted do not have the same problems we face daily. Slow metabolisms, trouble building muscle tone, and zero will power past 5pm…. find someone who can strategically target your trouble areas.

Find someone to coach you through the process (someone who has knowledge and can prove results). You already know what to do, but being held accountable, and making sure you stay within your realm of what’s doable for your habit and lifestyle changes is something that we as humans just seem to not be able to do. I’d be more than happy to coach you myself, or find someone who is a good fit for you. As always, you can email me at dylan@giltdesigngroup.com/dylan-import for recommendations or scheduling.

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