Ab Supersets To Scorch Belly Fat


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In my spare time, I watch a lot of shredded fitness “gurus” workout shirtless on YouTube #noshame.

Some of my favorites are:

Dickerson Ross

Zac Smith

Greg O’Gallagher

Matt Ogus

The Hodge Twins


These guys are absolutely ripped, and they give a lot of insight as to why.


Just kidding, that’s just a scape goat for people who can’t achieve the same aesthetics.

Everyone hates on these “bro-scientists” because there’s so much BS they are promoting. But I actually agree with 90% of what they have to say.

Ross Dickerson, the English “bro-fessor,” has an amazing ab routine he calls “cardio abs.”

Now, you can’t spot lose body fat.

What I mean is you can’t workout a muscle and lose body fat around that muscle.

But these “cardio ab” routines will help you get your metabolism up because they are working a different energy system than traditional isolated ab movements such a basic sit up.

Also, they are very intense. And the more intense an exercise, the harder your sympathetic nervous system is firing (“fight or flight” system).

As a result, your parasympathetic nervous system will fire just as hard after your workout session to super-compensate for this effect.

Have you ever done a super high intensity workout that made you almost puke? You lay on the ground for 10 minutes after your workout to recover, feeling absolutely horrible. 1-2 hours later you feel AMAZING: euphoric, relaxed, and focused.

The above is the effect I’m talking about, and the higher the parasympathetic response, the more rapid the fat loss will come. I’ll explain the mechanism in a later blog, but train hard and recover harder!

To see your abs, you do need the abdominal muscles to grow.

The best way to see hypertrophy in a muscle is to increase the time under tension. The longer the muscle is activated under ischemic and hypoxic conditions (no blood, no oxygen), the larger the hypertrophy, or muscle growth, effect there is.

These cardio ab routines do just that. I call these cardio ab routines “ab supersets,” because you are pairing up two full body core exercises in a “superset” fashion.


Here are 5 of my favorite ab supersets:

  1. Hanging Leg Raises + TRX Knees to Chest
  2. Side Planks + Half Kneeling AR Chops
  3. Body Saws + Planks
  4. Pikes + Hollow Body Holds
  5. Reverse Curl Ups + Long Lever Planks

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