The Best Move To Build Lean Hybrid Muscle

Happy Thursday! I read somewhere that Wednesday and Thursday are the most productive days of the week. I would definitely agree with that- with last week being the exception. I was so jet lagged last week I felt like I went through week in a drunken stupor. Constantly slurring my words, forgetting things- I have a greater empathy for all of you constantly traveling overseas for work!

In last weeks blog we discussed “hybrid” body types, and the blogs before that we went over the steps to squat and front squat. Here’s part 2 and part 3.

The past 3 blogs have been mended together, giving you this jewel. If you’ve read the last blogs, you’ll know not only how to squat PERFECTLY, but also that in order to lose weight AND body fat, you need to challenge the power-endurance energy system in your body. So how can we achieve this with a squat? The “wall ball.”


What is The Wall Ball?

The wall ball is a combination of the front squat and overhead press, done in a dynamic fashion. It is a great metabolic exercise on it’s own but is frequently paired up with other movements to challenge your power-endurance system even more. Check out the video below for a full tutorial.

Sorry for the vertical camera angle! Still trying to get this videoing down!

The Wall Ball

The wall ball has a superior neuroendocrine response to traditional cardio like biking, swimming, running, or combinations of the aforementioned. Because the wall ball is a highly functional activity (see Squat Part 1 and Part 2), the central nervous system and the endocrine system gets heavily taxed. As a result, more fat loss AND weight loss are achieved.

Further, when the wall ball is challenged metabolically, the energy system in the middle of strength and endurance, the power-endurance area, is worked tremendously. To reiterate from last weeks blog, when we train a particular energy system, our physique will adapt accordingly, giving us lean, long, athletic physiques.


Build Lean Hybrid Muscle With The Wall Ball

Start with 30 seconds and try to build your way slowly up to 6 minutes. The fastest time ever recorded for 150 shots is 4:52.


30 seconds: 12 shots

1 minute: 25 shots

1 1⁄2 minutes: 37 shots

2 minutes: 50 shots

2 1⁄2 minutes: 62 shots

3 minutes: 75 shots

3 1⁄2 minutes: 87 shots

4 minutes: 100 shots

4 1⁄2 minutes: 112 shots

5 minutes: 125 shots

5 1⁄2 minutes: 137 shots

6 minutes: 150 shots


Remember these key fundamental techniques:

  • Each rep begins with a rock bottom squat, with feet flat on the floor
  • Keep the elbows down and in
  • Keep the ball low to the chest
  • Don’t let the ball obstruct view of target
  • Launch with little finger roll and push
  • Make ascending and descending movements the same
  • Minimize breathing and ball contact noise
  • Breath deeply and attempt to synchronize breathing to shot rate



Happy wall BALLIN’ y’all!!


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