Better Posture in 3 Steps: So Easy A Cave[wo]man Can Do It! | Dylan Conrad Fitness | Personal Trainer in West Los Angeles

1. Good Mornings

Getting you out of a hunched back (kyposis) can be done by adding strength to your upper back extensors (thoracic extension strength). This will take you out of your Quasimoto posture and into ballerina posture. I’m at my desk for about 4 hours a day marketing (important for a personal trainer in West Los Angeles), and this has worked wonders for me and my clients.




2. Text With Your Phone In Front of Your Face

If you text with your head cranked down, chances are your endorsing a horrible position for your posture, which will inevitably injure you and make you look like Smeogal from Lord of The Rings.




3. Bruggers

If you have “douchebag shoulders,” it doesn’t always mean you’re a douchebag, it just means your shoulders are rolled forward like the guys at the gym who do this to appear bigger than they actually are (douchebags). Unfortunately, this position will turn off your rotator cuff, thus destabilizing your shoulder girdle, thus decreasing the amount of weight you can pull/press, thus making you weaker, thus killing you. Ok, maybe it won’t kill you, but nobody wants to look like a douchebag!

Here’s an exercise you can perform a couple times a day to prevent your shoulders from rolling forward permanently: sit or stand upright, rotate your shoulders externally (palms facing up) as hard as you can. If you are rotating as hard as you can, you should feel the back of your shoulders lighting up. This is your rotator cuff.



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