The #1 Burpee Mistake


If there are two things I know: it’s fat loss and rehabilitative exercises. However, the two do not go together often. Fat loss training is usually in the form ...

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Is Calorie Counting Even Accurate?


The government allows restaurants and fast food chains to have a 20% variation in their calories and macronutrient reporting. That means your 600 calorie Greek Chicken with Farroh may ...

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I Hired a Trainer? WTF.


My clients get faster results than me. No joke, every time we do our monthly re-evaluation and measure their body fat, or look at their upward trend of their ...

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The DC Fitness Diet: Phase 2


I retreated to my hippie roots in phase 1, wearing an Amulet around my neck, spouting off ways to create an optimal mindset for your diet. In phase 2, ...

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