How To Booze & Burn Body Fat

During my 6 year college extravaganza, I always felt like maintaining my physique got in the way of my partying.

(Side note: I’m not a complete moron – I never failed a class, always took a full load, and worked full time… I changed majors and had to take all of the pre-physical therapy classes)

I went to Cal Party (Poly) San Luis Obispo, where Thursday – Saturday everyone raged. The nights were filled with “Natty Light” beer, vodka that came out of a plastic handle, and late night Mexican food runs.

All very conducive to keeping your body fat down and your muscle mass up.


The next day hangovers led to horrible workouts and even worse diet because you would literally be searching for anything to provide you comfort – mine was breakfast burritos and burgers.

Now that my metabolism has slowed down and my testosterone levels aren’t as high as my once post-pubescent self, learning how to party and still make dem gainzzzzz is more important than ever.

And it requires strategies.

Tonight I will test my might for one of my best friends birthday party. The text message chains and emails are setting the tone for what will be a night of complete debauchery.

I have recorded a full day from morning of the party to next morning after the party to show you the strategies I use to party and still drop my body fat (I’m aiming to drop another 10 pounds for my wedding which is ~60 days out).

I hope you all enjoy the VLOG, and if you do I would love to hear your feedback!

Hugs and Kisses

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