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My friend and I recently took a spur of the moment man date to get our body fat tested. We had planned on getting an early morning lift but decided to take a little detour. We checked the schedule for the mobile hydrostatic body fat testing clinic (, and booked a spot 45 minutes from our conversation.



We got our results and interpretations from the beautiful ladies who did the testing, and were fired up to hit the gym. We hit the gym with a vengeance and crushed our session…beast mode in the truest sense.


It got me thinking (which I don’t do very often according to my mom): how can we get this motivation every single time we train? For me, I get really excited about my own training/nutrition routine every so often. My client coined the phrase “health bender” which describes that period best. You know, when you’ll do anything you need to do to change your physique, train harder, and eat better?


This motivation comes in positive and negative forms. Negative: “I’m so fat, I need to get in better shape,” or positive “Brad Pitt looked ripped in Fight Club, I want to look like that!” As long as both of these are carried out in  a positive manner, both forms can be useful. Here are 5 tactics you can use to get yourself in the mode of doing whatever it takes to look better naked, feel better spiritually and emotionally, and move like a maniac.


1. Measure EVERYTHING.


Objective measurements tell no lies. They also set the bar for where you currently are and where you will decide to be in the future. Body fat, girth measurements, weight, weights in your training routine, exercise program- write it all down.



2. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Before and after pictures work as great motivators as well as tools for tracking your progress. I remember the first time I took before pictures. I wasn’t upset with my physique (although I felt it could definitely be better), I was upset with my posture. I embarked on a journey and cleaned my posture up a ton (which is probably why I know a great deal about corrective exercise).


3. Wo[man] crush momentum. 


Positive role models aren’t just for kids. Find someone you envy and strive to reach their level (within limits and staying realistic). Watching videos or looking at pictures of people who are where you want to be can definitely elicit a cascade of positive reactions to train harder.




4. Get in the habit of being a badass.


Break your current cycle by creating a new one. Choose one dietary or training habit, like taking krill oil and a multi-vitamin every morning, and focus on that for 2 weeks until it becomes habit. Starting your day like this will carryover into the rest of your day, leaving you with nothing but healthy choices.



5. Rest hard.


I’ve said this a million time: more progress is made between your training sessions, not during your training sessions.


How you replenish your body through food and relaxation directly translates to your physiological response from exercise.


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