Crossing Your Legs: Which Side To Crossover For Less Back/Hip Pain?

Today is a guest blog from DC Fitness Trainer Laura Bedoya. Laura is an up and coming trainer in LA and I couldn’t be more excited to have her as part of my staff.


Laura is in the process of doing a VERY advanced certification course called Postural Restoration Institute. I never thought one of my trainers would surpass my knowledge level, but she is sure getting close!


Here’s her first blog on which leg we should cross over the other for less back/hip pain. Warning: this is very advanced stuff!




I’m takin a course from The Postural Restoration Institute ( In this the course I discovered that humans are perfectly ASYMMETRICAL:  it is completely normal to have a hip shift, an elevated shoulder, or a right dominant leg.


This asymmetry is due to how are bodies and brain was created.  For example, our liver is on one side of our body, and the left hemisphere of our brain which controls the right side of our body is slightly larger than the right hemisphere.


This asymmetry leads us to move with a lot more ease on our right leg and right arm. As a result, over time this creates compensation patterns in how we move, most of which start from the hip joints. this pattern is called the “Left AIC (Anterior Interior Chain) pattern.” In this pattern our right hip is in constant internal rotation(IR) and our left hip is external rotation(ER).

This means our right femur rotates inward towards the middle of the body and the left femur rotates to the outside of the body.

Note: medial = internal, lateral = external

Note: medial = internal, lateral = external

The left AIC creates movement compensations, which then leads to muscles getting weak and others getting way too dominant. We see this with weakened glutes and tight left hip flexors.

According to The Postural Restoration Institute almost all humans are in a state of left hip ER and right hip IR. To counteract this we have to find ways to put us in a “left stance.”

“Left stance” – left hip internal rotated, right hip externally rotated).

Exercise is the best way to strengthen weak muscles and pull your body back into position. But the reality is that we spend most of the hours in our day sitting. It is crucial to our hip and back health that we sit in a way that puts us out of the left AIC pattern.

So next time you are replying to emails at work, at home having dinner or binge watching is ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK… Scan your body and readjust your posture to the following:

1) Knees at level with your hips (or slightly higher).


2) Place a folded towel under your left leg, and shift your left knee back.

Towel PRI Laura

3) Engage your core (Round your lower back, keep your ribs down,

while pulling your shoulders down and back.)

4) If you absolutely must cross your legs, cross your right leg over your

left! (This position allows you to be in a desired right hip external

rotation and your left in internal rotation)

Laura Crossing Leg Laura PRI

Right Over Left Laura PRI

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