Day 17 Workout – Regeneration and P[rehab]

Since you will be fasting today, this will be a “regeneration” day. We’ve been putting a lot of stress on your body, and now it’s your time to stretch, foam roll, and relax.



  • Foam Roll tops of legs, calves, and back 2 min ea

  • Downdog Calf Stretch 30s ea

  • Quadruped Extension Rotation 30s per side

  • Bird Dogs in Bear Position 60s total

Repeat 1x for a total of 2 rounds


Circuit #1: Regeneration


A1. TRX Deep Squat with Lat Stretch x10 deep breaths (can use a door frame for this one)

A2. Wall Bugs x8ea

A3. T-Spine Extension on Foam Roll (low/mid back to top of shoulder blades) x1

A4. Mountain Climbers (FAST) x 50ea

Rest 90s. Repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 rounds.