Day 19 & 20 Meal Plan

Tuesday, January 20th

Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee


Lunch: Meal Replacement or NY Steak with Spinach (6 oz NY Steak with salt, pepper, and garlic, pan fried on a cast iron skillet for 4 min per side and put in the broiler for 4-6 minutes; take the steak out and at 8 oz spinach on the stovetop); 6 oz spinach (2 oz greens, 2 oz baby carrots, 2 oz cucumber, 1 oz goat cheese, 1 oz sliced almonds)


Dinner: Meal Replacement Shake OR 6 oz Baked Chicken Breast (put parchment paper covering chicken in baking dish to keep moisture in) with 4 oz steamed broccoli and 4 oz steamed cauliflower. 1 cup Cottage Cheese with PB2 Powder to Taste


Snack: Greek Yogurt with Fruit: 1 Cup Greek Yogurt 2 oz sliced banana, 2 oz berry medley, 2 oz sliced apple


Wednesday, January 21st

Breakfast: 3 eggs any style with non-stick spray, 3 slices of turkey bacon (cook 6 so you have some for the midday salad)


Calories:  men |  women

Lunch: Meal Replacement OR Healthy Cobb Salad (3 hard boiled eggs, 3 diced up turkey bacon strips, 2 oz goat cheese, 2 oz spinach, with galeo’s dressing mixed with rice vinegar); 4 oz mushroom risotto (left over)


Calories: men | women

Dinner: Meal Replacement or Ground Turkey Lettuce Cups (iceberg lettuce cups, 6 oz ground turkey, 1 clove garlic with 3 oz onion sautéed – you can add this mixture to your risotto for more taste); 8 oz celery with almond butter


Calories:  men | women

Night Snack: 1 Cup Greek Yogurt with 1 Scoop Protein Powder;


Calories: men | women