The DC Fitness Diet: Phase 1


It’s tough for me to speak to other human beings on Monday’s.

I don’t know what it is. I’m not tired, out of it, annoyed… I just have a really hard time putting my sentences together in a way that makes sense for other people to understand.

I kind of feel like a caveman.

This is also how I feel every time someone asks me what the best diet is for (insert goal here).

“Well you want to eat clean foods, but not too much – actually you do on refeed days, but those only come twice a week depending on your body type…”

I ramble on and on and it honestly starts to not make sense even to me as I say it.

So, I’ve done the world a favor and broken my tried and true diet into 3 phases that actually make sense.

For anyone looking to drop 0.5-1% bodyweight per week or obtain a body fat where you can see your abs, phase 3 is where you want to be.

However, you will fail in phase 3 if you don’t have a solid foundation with phase 1.

Here are my 5 rules that you have to abide by in Phase 1 of the DC Fitness diet:


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