Deadlift Routine For Beginners – How to Pull Like Konstantin Konstantinovs


I used to wish I was Konstantin Konstantinovs (the above powerlifter) so I could enter houses thru the wall like a cartoon character. Then reality struck and I realized I was only deadlifting 435 lbs vs Konstantin’s 939 pounds.


I first heard about Konstantin Konstantinovs when I was looking for a deadlift routine for beginners back in 2006. In 2008, research surfaced that lumbar spinal flexion (rounding your low back) will ruin your spine and put you in a back brace for life. Konstantin holds the world record raw deadlift at 939 pounds, and he deadlifts with a completely rounded spine.


Well, in the 16 years this Latvian beast has been deadlifting with a rounded back, the only back injury he has had was from squatting.


Being in the fitness industry for over 8 years, I’ve seen many shifts in thoughts of strength, form, fat loss, technique, pretty much anything that has to do with training. If you’ve ever read the book 1984, we in the fitness industry are guilty of “double-think” (holding something to be true at one point, only to hold something else true at another point).




Am I telling you to deadlift with a completely rounded back? Or copy Konstantin’s deadlift routine for beginners???


No, I’m merely saying to question everything anyone tells you, because fitness is not so black and white.


Rant over.




P.S. If you’re a total newbie, here’s my deadlift routine for beginners:


Week 1: 3×10 @ 75% 1 Rep Max (1RM)

Week 2: 3×8 @ 80% 1RM

Week 3: 3×6 @ 85% 1RM

Week 4: 5×5 @ 87.5% 1RM

Week 5: 6×3 @ 92.5% 1 RM

Week 6: 4×2 @ 95% 1 RM

Week 7: 5×1

Week 8: Test your 1 rep max


Note: You can get a 1 rep max prediction off of any of the weeks 1-4.

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