Dynamic Stretching Techniques – The Brettzel

Do I look like I eat carbs, bro? This range of motion and core stability drill is low carb and time efficient.

Who I stole these dynamic stretching techniques from: Brett Jones formerly of RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification) and now SFG (Strong First Group – Another kettlebell cert)

Why I love it: This is a combination of mobility at the hips and thoracic spine (shoulder girdle) and simultaneously core stability. Don’t have 10 minutes to warm up before your Soul Cycle class because they don’t know shit about human movement? Lay on the ground for 2 minutes to get your flexilibity and stability for the class (just make sure you don’t get stepped on!).

The Movement:

How To:


1.  Find a foam roller, pad, or pillow to rest your head on.

2.  Lie on your side with your bottom hip extended behind your body with your knee bent.

3.  Grab your bottom foot with your top hand, pulling the hip deeper into a stretch on the front of your quad.

4.  Flex the top hip, bringing your knee to your chest.

5.  Grab the top knee with the bottom (shoulder closest to the ground) hand.

6.  Pin the knee down to the ground and make sure the hip is flexed past 90 degrees.

7. From here you can pull yourself deeper into a stretch by pushing your top shoulder back towards the ground behind you, pulling on the foot to stretch the hip flexor, or doing both simultaneously.

8. For a more advanced version, you can use a PNF trick (which teases your muscle receptors into gaining more range of motion): Lightly push your bottom knee forward, and your top shoulder backwards without moving anywhere. It should be a static push that doesn’t result in any movement but rather a light activation of the bottom quadriceps and the top shoulder girdle back muscles.



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