Exercise of The Week: The Burpee

What is one of the most often misused and poorly done exercise also happens to be the best. The burpee.

There are a lot of burpee whores out there- achem Crossfit- who use horrible form and over-program the crap out of this exercise.

You should not be doing this exercise if you can’t perform a:

  • Deep Squat (upper leg parallel to the ground)
  • Strict Push Up
  • Plank
  • Bird Dog (see video below)

If your technique isn’t perfect on any of the aforementioned exercises,

you could still injure yourself. The technique and timing of this exercise is very complex, and a lot of athleticism and practice is needed until you can integrate this fat loss exercise into a circuit and even more is needed if you wanted to use it in a W.O.D. (workout of the day from crossfit).

In this video, I’m not only going to teach you proper technique in the movement, but we’ll also go through an assessment to see if you’re even ready to do the burpee in the first place!

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