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I had the great privilege of spending an entire day either flying or waiting to fly (I’m actually writing this waiting for my connecting flight to Lousville, KY!!!). Sitting is the new smoking, and sitting for what would be about 9 hours wasn’t in the books for me. As a personal trainer in West Los Angeles, this his inspired me to take action- I decided to take matters into my own hands to make sure 1. I wouldn’t get fat 2. Put my body into bad positions and postures 3. Not look like a complete tool while I performed the two.

So, I came up with this list of four simple things everyone should make sure they do to function better as a human being, look pretty, and look pretty doing it all.

1. Move around as often as possible. This was particular tough for me since I had the window seat on my flight. However, I’ve been blessed with an extremely small bladder so I managed to get out of my seat to go about every 1.5 hours, in which I stood up for 20 minute intervals and even did some hip stretches while people weren’t looking. Pec stretches look cool so I didn’t have to worry about that one. Core activation drills??? No way, Jose. I just had to deal with self activation techniques (aka flexing my abzzzz)

2. Go low carb or low calorie. I had a last minute man date with an interesting fellow I sat next to on the plane, and we picked out a sushi joint so I went low calorie.

3. Stay away from the dreaded “smegol” posture when texting or computering (wtf how is that not a word autocorrect!!?). This was tough because I was writing this article. Thank god they had standing terminals where you could charge your phone and work standing up. If they don’t have standing desks, you can work in a half kneeling position (aka “Tebowing”) in front of a seat with your laptop on it. If you are texting like me bothering the shit out of your girlfriend, just make sure you put the phone in front of your face. Same thing with iPads for reading.

4. Pack snacks. I went to Whole Foods and spent half my income on snacks for the trip, but you can go really anywhere to get your travels snacks. Nuts, nut butters, healthy bars are all good choices.


Here is my day of eating at the airport

5am (at home)- 3 eggs, coconut oil, greens + powder, coffee, almond milk, krill oil and creatine.

9am (on plane)- NuGo Dark protein bar, Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter (packaged)

1pm (airport)- Spicy tuna roll, edamame, seaweed salad

4pm (on plane) – Organic food bar

8pm (dinner out)– Salmon, sautéed spinach, house salad balsamic vinegarette and oil

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