FREE Weekly Workout -1

Thank you for subscribing to my weekly workout service! I’m extremely excited to get this underway and make this an integral part of my training program. Whether your a 9-5 desk jockey or a busy mom of 2, these programs will be great for you. Just a disclaimer, you do need access to a gym or gym equipment. Yes, there will be weeks where the program is 100% bodyweight, but that won’t be often.


The “why” for starting this service is multilayered. Firstly, my goal is to reach as many people as possible with my information. I feel as though I do have a skill and a wide variety of knowledge in fitness, and the way I combine it is different than any other trainer. Second, I always try to overdeliver on my services. Clients continually ask me for workout routines, and now we have them ready to rock for them. When I mentioned this program to others, some told me not to do this because it should not be free. I could agree that I could make a killing from selling these programs, but I feel it would water down my services and lose my integrity. You’ll notice during these workouts that it’s tough to use perfect technique with no one watching you. You’ll also notice it’s hard to get your butt in the gym without someone making you accountable. What you get further out of these workouts aside from just the program is unparalleled in my services so I’m not really worried about doing this for free.


The focus on your first phase is full body strength, mobility, and fat loss. We start off with what I call motion splits, which are a combination of exercises that go in opposing directions.  This ensures that opposing muscle groups are hit to create balance in the body. There’s a lot of mobility drills we start off with in the warm up including foam rolling and active isolated stretching, and the though process behind this is the more flexible we can make you, the more aware of your body’s center point of stability will be. The finisher here is a bodyweight finisher with use of “iso” holds, I eloquently labeled “Iso Hold Hatred.” I hope you enjoy the workout, and as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to post in the comments section. Enjoy!


1a. 3 Point Row – 3×8/side

1b. Closed Grip Push Ups: 3x 8 to 12 (regress to elevated upper body if too hard or elevated lower body if too easy)

2a. DB Split Squats: 3x8ea

2b. Shoulders Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge: 3x12ea

3a. Stability Ball Hamstring Curls: 3×8

3b. Planks: 2x90s

3c. Bear Alternates: 2x60s


Iso Hold Hatred