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Before I get started into today’s post, I just wanted to talk about sun tans. If you want a sun tan, you can’t just sit out in the sun for 5 minutes once a week. No, you have to sit out 5 minutes and gradually build up the next couple days to build up your sun tan. It’s the same thing with exercise, if you want to see transformation, you have to gradually progress. With lack of accountability and a poor plan, most people don’t see any progress. I was put on this earth to coach people and make them accountable for progressing. I want to help. Please let me help.

It is with that said I am extending the Referral Raffle to March 15th. There are currently 10 tickets taken, with foam rolls, supplements, chiropractic treatments, massages, meal plans, and cash on the line for your taking! Don’t hesitate to get your friends and family members in for a complimentary training session. We would love to have them in and show them what we’re all about.

Back to today’s post:

Sixteen years ago, Oprah Winfrey started a gratitude journal. Ranked as one of the most influential, powerful, and successful women, with a net worth of over 3 billion, she made it a point to wake up every morning and express what she was thankful for in her life.

I first heard about gratitude journals from a friend of mine who had a daily email chain with a couple friends who would express gratitude for whatever they wanted to every morning. Invited to joint the chain, I found the power and importance of gratitude journals right then and there.

Sometimes life gets busy, we lose focus, are unhappy; we are human. But getting stuck in a negative way of thinking is no way to live the life you want to live.

Today, I wanted to take time out of my regular fitness blogging, and express my gratitude for Brian Berumen.

Brian has been a trainer for Dylan Conrad Fitness for exactly 1 year now. Finding him on Craigslist, and meeting him in person to make sure he wasn’t the Craigslist killer, it was then I realized I really lucked out.

Coming from a background as a behavioral therapist working with kids with various behavioral disorders and mental illnesses, I knew he was great with people. This is the main reason I initially hired Brian, and he has continually shown patience without judgment since.

Brian continues to inspire myself and our clients, having a 1 year old baby boy Sean and the massive sleep deprivation that comes with that, all while still delivering quality coaching and programming. Every morning, we walk into the building together, and my usual question is, “how much sleep did you get last night?” The answer is usually 4 hours.

Sean Baby

What’s most impressive is after he’s done training the morning sessions, he works out like a maniac, and then picks up his son from daycare- only to return 3 hours later to coach our evening clients. He’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met.

Brian practices what he preaches, and using strength training to lose 25 pounds in the last year and has become a skilled lifter (he couldn’t deadlift 315 pounds for 1 rep and now is doing sets of 10 reps) in the process.

Brian and his wife Ginger are expecting a baby girl in the next couple weeks, and I couldn’t be more excited for both of them. Myself, being a bachelor for the past 7 years before meeting the love of my life, I never wanted kids. It wasn’t until I met baby Sean that I had that visceral reaction to wanting kids.

So much growth has happened for Brian’s coaching and training style over the past year. I often eavesdrop on his conversations with clients and am amazed by how much knowledge he has and how he is able to bridge that knowledge to different types of personalities. A good coach has a great amount of knowledge, but a great coach can convey that knowledge to anyone.

Finding myself in tears from laughing so hard with Brian, like the one time we created a whole scenario in which we were going to have a redneck themed Bar-Mitzvah for my future son, he’s helped make our vocation a total vacation.

I’m looking forward to the next year, B.


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