Habits not Diets


One of my favorite studies that I continue to cite goes something like this:


Three groups were compiled to study the success of habit formation:

Group A was instructed to change 1 habit.

Group B was instructed to change 2 habits.

And group C was instructed to change 3 habits.


What they found was group C had a 5% SUCCESS RATE. 5%!


Group A had an 85% percent success rate.

If you’re trying to change your eating habits, are you going to focus on 1 habit or 3


At #dcfitness we are all about habit formation. We do follow IIFYM, mindful eating,

intermittent fasting, but these are all the ultimate progressions in your habit


What I mean is there has to be foundational habits established before you can

advance to the next habit.

What are foundational habits?

1. Eating vegetables

2. Eating good fats

3. Eating lean protein

4. Adhering to #1-#3 80% of the time

I would say 80% of our clients come to us in pretty good shape already, but need a

smarter not harder program to take their physique to the next level. I’m talking

about the client that comes in at 18% bodyfat and we take them to 10% body fat (if

you were a man).

Therefore, they all know what clean eating is and can comfortably execute it 80% of

the time.



















That’s why our first habit formation to focus on is CREATING A FOOD LOG.

There’s a couple reasons we do this:

1. Makes them more conscientious of portion size

2. Let’s them know what percent protein, carbs, and fats they get with their normal


3. More stimulating and interactive approach to eating because they have to

physically enter their foods and visually see the results on screen



A lot of people fail at this one habit approach because they don’t see results faster

than they saw in previous crash diets, they try to “stack” habits when they aren’t

ready, or they lose focus on their habit formation.

The goal is not to have you in shape for Labor Day Weekend (or LDW as all the cool

kids are calling it on instagram), it’s to have you lean and mean for Labor Day,

Presidents Day, Memorial Day, New Years, Chanukah, and every holiday of the year

whether you will be showing a lot of skin or not (I’ve been known to get a little cray

cray at my fiancée’s Chanukah parties).

Food logs are cool because you can do them on paper, phone, or any food logging

app such as Lose it! or My Fitness Pal.

Once you have mastered this habit, then it’s on to the next habit!

Follow me on this shift in eating to #habitsnotdiets


-Dylan Conrad

Professional “Habiter”



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