Half Kneeling Quad with Activation

I came across this warm up drill couple years back have been slowly bringing it back into my programs. The half kneeling quad is great for several reasons:

  1. Increases the stretch tolerance in hip flexors

  2. Simultaneously hits glute max activation on the same side

  3. Simultaneously hits lat activation bilaterally

  4. Simultaneously hits anterior core (dem abz) activation

As you can see it’s a stability and mobility drill in one. The goal of any warm up is to “reverse posture,” which basically means we are taking you out of your postural dysfunctions (forward head, tight lats, tight hips, weak glutes, anterior pelvic tilt, etc) and into a more efficient posture so we can own that position throughout your workout with some functional exercise.

The sequencing is also important here to make this exercise have more functional carryover into your training sessions as well as everyday life. Most corrective exercises focus on solely isolating certain muscles, but the Half Kneeling Quad with Activation focuses on several chains of muscles at once.

Aside from the sequencing and reverse posturing, this move is superior to it’s regression exercise. Basic hip flexor mobs are great, but are easy to cheat because you can flare your ribs or go into lumbar extension to cheat the movement. The half kneeling quad with activation keeps the lubar spine neutral and the ribs from flaring to due to the activation of both the lats and anterior core.


Here’s a video of the Half Kneeling Quad with Activation and an explanation of how to:



If this movement becomes too easy, you can progress to a rear foot elevated version, which you can see below:

IMG_0979 2


Perform 2 sets on each side of 8 repititions. Each push into the foam roller or other surface is 3 seconds each.


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