Here’s How To Incinerate Fat With An Exercise Plate

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Wednesday night I caught a nasty stomach bug.

Sweating, shivering in bed, while my fiancée splashed water in my face, I thought “what could be worse than this?”

I woke up the next day feeling completely normal, minus a little hangover.

Friday 11PM, and I’m woken up to pressure in my stomach, sprinting to the bathroom. I was there until 8AM, so I basically created a fort and bed in there.

Monday rolled around and I was so relieved I felt better finally. I woke, went thru my normal morning routine, and on the way into my gym I pulled over on the side of the road and started throwing up on the curb.

I asked myself again: “Man, what could be worse than this?”

Then I created this circuit. This is what’s worse than 3 back to back stomach bugs:

Self Induced Stomach Bug Circuit:

A1. Plate Squat Jumps

A2. Plate Thrusters

A3. Plate Reverse Lunge with Rotation

A4. Bent Over Rows


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