How Bad Is YOUR Forward Head Posture??? 3 Simple Exercises To Fix It

Having forward head posture is not only embarrassing from an asthetic standpoint, but will also lead to injuries and decreases in performance.


The body functions best when your neck is stable. What I mean by stable is that the range of motion the neck uses is controlled, and the muscles work synergistically to position the joint.

Unfortunately, when you have forward head posture, the postural muscles in your neck turn into prime movers for your neck. This means the muscles are no longer functioning they way they should be.

In order to fix this, we must “pack” the neck, or push the head back over the top of the spine, so these muscles can function as they were designed to do.


Lastly, if you are unstable in the neck, your body will automatically search for stability elsewhere, which can cause some of your joints to overcompensate and “lock up.” Decreasing range of motion in the thoracic spine (between your neck and low back) can lead to shoulder issues as well as core issues.

Packing your neck will reset your system, and you may find that you’ll be stronger than you ever were, injury free, and having better posture.

Here are my top 3 neck packing drills including a  “HOW TO” on how to pack your neck:


1. Finding your own “packed” position



2. Chin Tuck and Lift



 3. Quadruped Chin Push and Roll


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