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My New Years resolution is to get more sleep.

That’s all fine and dandy, until I realized I didn’t even know how much sleep I should be getting anyways.

And this isn’t a trivial question like why “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd plays during the #mannequinchallenge.
I just don’t get that…

But I digress.

So how much sleep do we actual need?

From the survey I took from a couple clients, they thought 6-7 hours seemed to be the recommendation.

For 18-64 year olds, the recommendation is 7-9 hours.

However, there was a 20-year study completed in 2002 who found those who slept less than 7 hours lived longer.

So which is it!???

There is no individual recommendation, and further no way to figure out how much sleep YOU as an individual human actually needs.

Also, people that slept longer than 7 hours in that 20 year study could have needed more sleep due to poor health habits.

The best recommendation I came across on the rabbit hole that we call “the internet,” was from Dr. Watson of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine:

  1. Next vacation you have, go to sleep when you want to and wake up when you want to for a 4+ nights in a row.
  2. Record how much sleep you got each night (which will probably fall into the 7-9 hour range)
  3. Use that as your optimal sleep number


How much sleep do I think I need as a personal trainer in Brentwood 90049 (see what I did there for SEO purposes)?

I function best at 7.5 hours.

Tom Brady gets 10 hours a night.

And athletes that are beating there bodies up need more due to protein synthesis and tissue repair (which happens mostly at night).

I would love to hear what your optimal sleep number is. Leave it in the comments below!

That girl is a real crowd pleaser,

– DC Fit Pros: personal trainer in Brentwood 90049

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