How To Booze and Still Stay Lean: Life Hacks For The Average Joe (or Jane) | Dylan Conrad Fitness | Personal Trainer in West Los Angeles

My top 5 tips for partying like a rockstar and looking like a model (and/or personal trainer in West Los Angeles):

1. Drink like a sorority sister. I remember in college girls would walk around with tallies on their wrist, each tally equaled one drink. Although they were probably not doing it to feel better and perform better, this trick can be easily adapted to us common folk. Make a tally on your cellphone for how many drinks you’ve had. If you don’t know how much is going in, how will you find out how much you should be doing to burn these off?

2. Train the day of. First off, you will most likely be too hungover to train the day after. Second, if we can increase growth hormone, testosterone, and insulin sensitivity, your body will have a much easier time recovering the day after as well as processing the alcohol the night of. Resistance training and HIIT works best!

3. Fix your day after diet. “I need really greasy food to make me feel better.” It is complete “bro-science” that somehow the grease will interact with the alcohol molecules to make you feel better. The only thing that will make you feel better is something that spikes serotonin. You can try my hangover cure, GABA, and an array of healthy foods to make you feel better. I’ll cover this in more detail in a later blog. 

4. Steer clear. Vodka soda is the best bet. Followed by gin and tonic (preferably diet tonic), and clear tequila soda. You don’t want to have a sugar hangover accompanied with a real hangover the next day. Not fun…

5. Dance your ass off. Cutting a rug is great exercise. Stop drunk texting your friends and shake your booty!


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