How To Break Thru Fat Loss Plateaus

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“Diet constitutes 50% of your results- unless your training program sucks.” – Dylan Conrad

I’m feeling very Kanye today, quoting myself and all.

I’m also feeling very Kanye because I’m finding myself hating on people’s training programs.

Whenever I have a new client coming in, we talk about their diet and training routine during the initial assessment process over the phone.

It usually goes something like this:


“I don’t get it, I’m training super hard and my diet is near perfect, why am I not losing weight? I feel like I have plateaued.”

After the dietary analysis, I realize their diet is near perfect, which is pretty crazy to me seeing how I’ve broken almost all my diet cycles within weeks (except for this one!).

Then we go thru a quick movement screening, revealing they have imbalances almost everywhere, followed by a general workout session.

During the workout session, I realize either:

  • a) The intensity of their previous sessions is very low
  • b) They are still at a beginners technique level
  • Or c) Their rate of perceived exertion doesn’t match up to their actually work load

After the first month of their training program, they drop body fat, get stronger, and start to move better. All without changing their diet.

Now, some of my clients who have been with me will start to plateau as they get closer into the mid teens of body fat percentage.

Everything is perfect:

  • They are in a caloric deficit
  • Training intensity is very high
  • They’re hitting their daily protein goals

What I’ve seen work to break thru fat loss plateaus are three things:

– Decrease your caloric deficit by 100 calories

– Increase cardio

– Combination of the two


The question arises: Should I do HIIT or steady state cardio?

  • If you are having trouble pushing the intensity of your workouts (measured by trouble increasing your heart rate or plateaus in strength), I would say do steady state. You’ll have an easier time recovering and feeling “fresh” for your next workout.
  • If you have no time, your workout intensity is great, or both, then do HIIT. If you are in a deficit, HIIT is a great appetite suppressant, too!


Try these quick fixes to your weight loss plateau, and if they still don’t work, you made need something a bit more advanced. Stay tuned for this!


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