How To Expedite Your Intermittent Fasting Fat Loss


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I had a friend who was a recovering addict who told me the story of him taking so many pain killers over Thanksgiving he woke up in his mashed potatoes at the dinner table.

This is how I feel 2 times a week when I black out during overconsumption only to realize I’ve gone like 1500 calories over my deficit.

This has been going on long before I did intermittent fasting, from years of skipping days of eating and restricting myself.

I have clients who binge eat late at night who aren’t on IF, and late night snacking is quite a common problem.

So how do we fix these binges that will kill our progress?

Should we just be strict and up the cardio the next day? Punishing ourselves for the unconscious mistake?

It wasn’t until I was in New York last weekend, that I had this a-ha moment.

I was enjoying the best food ever (sorry LA, NY food blows us out of the water), and I realized I’m not really even tasting and enjoying the food.

We were at this epic brunch with avocado toast, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, poached eggs, everyone was eating off each other’s plate, and it hit me!!!

Focus on how good this food is, really taste it, and eat mindfully.

I started slowing down my eating, putting my fork down occasionally, and noticing how satisfied and good the food made me feel.


What is Mindful Eating?

The first time I went to NY was when I started my blog/newsletter some 5 years ago. I came back and wrote my first blog, inspired by how good the food was and how it just slowed me down.

The blog post was on mindful eating.

I’ve been doing mindful eating on and off for 5 years, but I’ve never stacked this habit with Intermittent Fasting.

For me, it’s really tough to be mindful at 3-5 meals per day, because each meal takes me 20 minutes and when you eat mindfully, you are supposed to have ZERO DISTRACTIONS:
  • Hide your phone
  • Hide your computer
  • Hide yo’ kids
  • No TV!

Since I only eat 2 meals when I’m intermittent fasting it’s easy for me to take 20 minutes out and just enjoy my meal.
Even foods that tasted shitty in the past I’m starting to actually really appreciate.

Cool story bro, but what are the CLIFF NOTES to eating mindfully?

  • SLOWWWW DOWN: Eat slowly, take 20 minutes per each meal
  • FOCUS! Focus on the texture and taste of the food
  • Fullness Factor: Feel how full the food is making you
  • Satisfaction: Focus on the psychological comfort from the food

Bored right now? Try the “10 Minute Raisin Drill” to help you mindfully eat more successful. Check it out HERE at the bottom of the blog.

Mindful eating is the best habit to stack with intermittent fasting hands down.

For more information, I would check out Dr. Susan Alber’s “Mindful Eating.” You can get it on Kindle or for $5 hard copy. Total game changer.

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