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As a personal trainer in West Los Angeles, my value of my work is results I get for my clients. I got this note via email from August’s client of the month Brian A. earlier last month:

“So far, I think we’ve made really great progress together and I’m looking forward to stepping it up going forward. When I first started working out with you, I had foot pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and a general hesitation about pushing myself to exercise for fear of making things worse. You’ve helped me to not only recover from that pain, but to improve my strength, flexibility and overall feeling of health. I’m really excited continue our program and get into even better shape!”

And just because Brian kissed by butt in this email isn’t why he is client of the month. Being in continual pain can be the most vicious and performance killing cycle in the world. Both a negative physical AND psychological response are elicited, which will not only wreak havoc on how you view training your body but also will blunt your CNS’ ability to adapt to whichever training qualities you are trying to focus on.

Brian was extremely transparent with me from day 1 that is ultimate goal is to put a ton of size and strength on WHILE staying injury free. Coming in with nerve entrapment issues in his neck down to his arm as well as history of plantar fasciitis and low back pain, I was really excited to craft his program. He already had the ability to become strong and put on extra mass, it was more about getting him out of dysfunctional patterns that got him into that place of pain in the first place.

So, taking his training program back to the most functional level of patterning (how babies move) and building his foundation from the ground up, we were able to make a bulletproof beast who at first couldn’t deadlift a 12kg kettlebell without pain and is now repping 185 for reps a couple months later.

Although Brian may seem aloof when he shows up to our sessions in dress socks and dress shoes at least once every other week, he is a student of the process and is becoming more and more consistent outside of the gym with better eating and living. It’s a pleasure to train him, and I look forward to all the progress he’s going to have.


Want to see how you can train yourself EVEN if you have pain??? Here’s a sample from Brian’s first training phase (just click the link to watch the movement!):


Movement Prep:


Self Myofascial Release: Foam Roll

Self Myofascial Release: Lacrosse Ball

DNS Supine Breathing

Wall Bugs

Supine Eyes Closed Perturbations (3 positions)

Half Kneeling Quad with Activation

Half Kneeling Ankle Mobs

Rose Compass




A1. Hip Hinge Patterning

A2. Half Kneeling Facepulls

B1. 3 Point Row

B2. Alternating Bears

B3. Split Squats with Lateral Band Resistance

C1. Reverse Planks off Bench

C2. TRX “Ts”

C3. Side Planks off Bench

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