Is Intermittent Fasting Right For You?

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I’ve been doing intermittent fasting (IF) on and off for about 6 years, before it was en vogue. It’s definitely getting more accepted in the press (NY Times article HERE). Some of the main reasons it’s gaining more and more traction are:

  • Research is catching up
  • Ease of application
  • Supported by many health gurus (Dr. Mercola, Bulletproof Executive)
  • Low barrier of entry (you don’t need anything specific before you can start)


A lot of clients of mine, specifically females, are trying IF with great results. However, intermittent fasting is NOT working for equal amount of our clients. They try it for a couple days and find it’s not the best fit for their current life situation and/or stress levels, which is totally fine. There are a million different strategies to make it work, however I will never force a diet down someone’s throat (no pun intended!).


Intermittent fasting is just one tool in your toolbox.

The science of fat loss is simple: eat a balanced diet and stay in a caloric deficit. How you get from A to Z is all about creating strategies that work for your current life situation. Of course there are metabolic syndromes, hormonal changes, and plateaus that you may face, but for simple purposes you need to be eating less than you are burning off for fat loss.


Diet is 50% of your results, and no one diet will work every single day for your entire life. Constantly trying new strategies, and having a solid backbone with your mental/emotional connection with food should be your #1 focus.


Is IF right for you? If it:

  1. Is easy
  2. Gets you results
  3. Doesn’t ever feel like you are restricting
  4. Makes it manageable to stay in a caloric deficit and eat a balanced diet
  5. Positively effects or doesn’t change your emotional/mental state


Then absolutely.

But if not, and you are set on doing IF, create easy strategies around it to keep yourself full such as:

  • Using coffee strategically
  • Drink sparkling water
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do HIIT
  • Meditate


Intermittent fasting is a great approach and I’ve seen some tremendous results over the past 90 days from it. However, I only started seeing results once I stacked other habits such as flexible dieting and mindful eating with it.


So try it. If it doesn’t work, awesome! Now you know that specific approach to IF or IF in general isn’t the right fit. Try another angle or something different to achieve your physique and health goals. Always be readjusting. After all, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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