Is it Good To Get A Massage After A Workout?

We all know WHY we need to get a massage, but do we really know WHEN to get a massage? Is it good to get a massage after a workout, or will your pec tear the next time you bench press as a result?

Personally, I want to get stacked like pancakes in the weight room and make sure my limbs don’t fall off during the process. So the question of is this massage going to negatively impact my strength and performance in the gym has been one lingering in my head for a while.

I interviewed LMT John Marsigan on the subject, who is not only a massage therapist but teaches other massage therapist, so saying he’s EXTREMELY knowledgeable is still a slap in the face 🙂

Here’s what John had to say to the question of: “Is it good to get a massage after a workout?”


I highly recommend John, for more information check out the below:


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