What I’ve Learned From Training Parents


If you’ve worked out a DC Fitness with an nice, overly talkative woman from the Jersey shore who always gives me a kiss and tells me how proud of me she is, that’s my mom.

My mom started having knee problems probably 12 years ago, but as of late it has gotten really bad.

Her knee is pretty much bone on bone, and she hasn’t worked out for awhile now.

It took me a month and a half to convince to her start training with me, and with several cancellations and various 30 minute phone conversations (which she mostly just asked me a million questions and complained about her knee), I finally got her in.

Growing up, I don’t remember her working out that much.

And when I asked her, she said “I had no time, I was busy taking care of you and your crazy brothers.”

I currently have 85 clients, 3/4 of which are parents.

Summer rolls around and the kids are out of school.

Shuttling the kids to and from camps, vacations, etc, the parents lose their consistency and structure in their health and fitness.

September rolls around, and now the kids are back to school!

It’s finally the parents turn to take care of themselves, right?


There is still ZERO time in their crazy schedules.

They are feeling discouraged because of the body fat they’ve put on over the summer.

And they just feel out of their routine and not motivated to start again.

They still play with their kids, but they don’t have the stamina they did years ago and now their old injuries are flaring up.

It’s a shitty situation.

And I empathize 100%.

If you are looking to get back the level of health and physique you used to have, my September Back To School Jump-Start is PERFECT for you.

At my private studio, I have free valet parking with very easy access in and out of the gym.

The training hours are flexible with session bookings Monday-Friday 6AM-8PM and Saturday 7AM-2PM.

If you sign up before August 15th, I’ll write you a custom at home workout routine that you can do when you only have 15-20 minutes to squeeze a workout in.

I’ll teach you how to structure your training, gain consistency back in your diet, and come up with a long term strategy to get you in the best shape of your life (and keep you there).

If you have a friend or family who is in this situation, please forward this to them or connect them with myself or Henry (henry@dylanconradfitness.com).

I want to be the last health solution all you parents out there have to look for.

– 8 Training Sessions
– 4 Live Workshops
– Flexible Diet Coaching & Private Accountability Group
– Structured and Personalized Workout Routines

For more information, go to dylanconradfitness.com/back-to-school-jumpstart

In Good Health,

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