January 6th Workout

Welcome to day 5!

Today we are involving some running mixed in with core. Core first to get your body stable (and since it’s the main focus since we want to see dem abz pop out), and then some HIIT running. I’d prefer you to run outside but if conditions don’t suit, use the treadmill.




  • Foam Roll – Front of quads, back, lats, calves 1 min per side per area

  • Rotary Stability Push Ups – 40s AMRAP

  • Alternating Side Lunges – 40s AMRAP

  • Turkish “Sit” ups – 40s per side AMRAP

Just 1 Round


Circuit #1: CORE


– Planks x90s-180s (Failure)

– Hand and Feet Walkouts x4

– Single Leg Sit Ups x60 to 100

– Side Plank Knee Drives x 8 to 12 ea

– Bodysaws x8 to 15


No Rest. Repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 rounds.


Circuit #2: Sprinting Intervals 10s:50s


– Run for 10 seconds at 90% (RPE – rate of perceived exhaustion)

– Rest for 50 seconds at jog or walk

– Run for 10s at 100% RPE

– Rest for 50 seconds at jog or walk

Repeat 4 more times for a total of 8 rounds.