Jeff W: May Client of The Month| Dylan Conrad Fitness | Personal Trainer in West Los Angeles

Numbers at a glance:

Deadlift max: 375 lbs (@ 167 lbs body weight)

Weight: December 2012 – 157lbs; May 2013 – 167 lbs

Body Fat: December 2012 – 15%; May 2013 – 12.17%

When I started being a personal trainer in West Los Angeles, Jeff W. was one of my first clients. Whenever someone tells me they want to commit to a fitter lifestyle, I’m always interested to see how they put their money where their mouth is. Jeff has been interesting to watch, to say the least. After telling me how committed he was, he emailed me a detailed list of his goals for physique, lifestyle, golf fitness, and nutrition. I was very, very impressed. After 6 months of training, Jeff emailed me this from our initial goal setting: Jeff W Email As you can see, he’s reached most of his goals. Now new ones have been set. I’m transparent with my clients in telling them if they are ready to be pushed, they’ll do fine. Otherwise, this exercise program may not be for them. Whereas most people I have to tell to push harder, I have to tell Jeff to hold back, or this will happen:

 Jeff dead

Jeff’s physical and mental work capacity is what has helped him drop 3% body fat while putting on 10 lbs. That’s a lot of muscle! This guy brightens my mornings with his off the wall remarks and fantastic dancing skills. On top of that, he’s one of the nicest and most thoughtful people I have ever met, and has helped me in many facets of my business and personal life. I appreciate him whole heartedly.

Here’s a video of some highlights from Jeff’s current training routine. I think everyone can take a few notes from this guy’s training intensity.

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