Kettlebell Swings 101 – Fat Loss Friday #FLF

Kettlebell Swings


This info-graphic pinpoints the top 6 technique points of one of my favorite fat loss exercises, the kettlebell swing. This is transition point of the swing AND is also the start point. I usually train the kettlebell swing in a tabata protocol by itself OR within a circuit with other fat loss exercises. For the tabata protocol, do 20 seconds worth of swings and rest for 10 seconds afterwards. For the circuit, add the kettlebell swing with 3 other exercises done back to back with 8 to 20 reps of the swing itself.

kettlebell swing 101

To quickly re-cap the technique points:

1) Keep your eyes on the horizon. Your head should be slightly up and neck partially extended.

2) Stretch your hamstrings. The more you feel the stretch in this position, the less you’ll feel it in your low back

3) “Screw” your feet into the ground. Externally rotating your feet will turn on your glutes more and stabilize your hips.

4) Reach the kettlebell thru your crotch. Pretend there is someone’s hand behind your butt you are trying to reach for.

5) Keep a “soft” bend in the knees. This should be similar to the RDL position. Most people bent their knees too much and don’t push their hips back far enough.

6) Flat back throughout the movement. If you’re having trouble, try “cat/camels:” On all fours, round your entire back as hard as you can while tucking your chin, then extend your back the opposite direction and lift your head up. This will help you establish what a flat back should “feel” like.

-Dylan Conrad

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