Last Night I Was Rolling So Hard

On a lacrosse ball, that is.

I can’t stress enough the importance of having a great soft tissue specialist in your arsenal for:

– Increased flexibility
– Pain reduction
– Better circulation
– Decreased tension
– Sleep improvement

Even if you do get soft tissue work once a week, it’s still very important to make sure the changes to your soft tissue quality your practitioner made hold all week long.

Foam rolls are amazing for your calves, quads, IT band, upper back, and lats.

But, if you’re really trying to get deep into the muscle belly, lacrosse ball rolling is a must.

HERE is a link on Amazon to lacrosse balls for your rolling pleasure.

Attached is an infographic on how to use the lacrosse ball for:

– The hamstrings
– Between your shoulder blades
– Lats
– Feet
– Booty
– Rotator cuff

Feel free to forward this to anyone you think could benefit.


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