Looking For 10 Moms…

At DC Fitness, we understand moms.

Frustrated with how your body works after having kids…it just doesn’t responded to diet and exercise like it used to.

You’re stressed beyond belief, and your posture from either holding, constantly driving them around, or both, has really suffered.

You have aches and pains in weird places when you work out.

Now you have no idea what you should be doing?

What diet should I do?

What exercises should I be doing?

You try something, and quit because:

a) it’s too freaking hard
b) you don’t see results like you used to
c) it’s too time consuming (ain’t nobody got time for that)
d) parts of your body start hurting that shouldn’t (low back, neck, knees, etc)

At DC Fitness, we’re also HUGE nerds.

Constantly researching, testing, researching again, re-testing…

We have formulated a 21 day program for moms that want to lose body fat, and are looking for 10 moms between the ages of 30-50 to participate.

These 10 moms will learn:

🔑 How to ditch their diet and still lose body fat
🔑 How to increase their metabolism with just 2 workouts per week
🔑 The #1 secret to avoiding low back, knee, and other joint pain
🔑 How to do strength training without “bulking”

We are looking for 10 moms between the ages of 30-50 that want lose body fat. Apply HERE if you:

👉 Work or live on the westside
👉 Open to dietary changes
👉 Open to changing their entire training routine up
👉 Can train 2x/week for 45 minutes at the studio

Application 👇👇👇


Please, please, please take your time to fill out the application thoroughly!

Again, the link for the application is HERE.

If this isn’t you, feel free to forward to any moms that would be a good fit for the program 👍.


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