How To Lose 1-2 Pounds A Week!



Henry is taking over!!

For of you those who don’t know me, I am Henry Rivera the Sales Manger here at DC Fitness. Recently I like many of you began a fitness journey. I have had great success in a short period of time, now I want to share with you 3 tips on how I am losing 1-2 pounds regularly.

I credit environment as one of the largest variables which helped with my weight loss. Coming to DC Fitness and seeing the hard work our clients put in on a daily basis made me question my inability to workout. Many of our clients are busy professional, so if they had the time to workout, there was no excuse for why I couldn’t. I became motivated and saw myself wanting to workout. I believe surrounding yourself by positivity is key.

My diet was the biggest change. I had no idea what macronutrients I was consuming. If it tasted good, I would eat it. Now all I do is meal prep. I weigh/measure all my food and track macronutrients through myfitnesspal. With a well rounded diet and training regiment I was able to see a constant decrease in my weight.

Accountability! Being honest with myself and others assisted me a lot. I punished myself (cardio) when I cheated on my meals. I also had clients and Dylan checking in on my progress. I didn’t want to let all the people supporting me down.

Im on this roll coaster ride with you all. You will have your highs and lows, but just know everyday you are improving from the day before. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forwards.


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