Meal Plans For Cutting Phase: Are You A Good Fit For A Meal Plan?

Meal plans can either make or break your results.


I’ve seen both meal plan for cutting phase scenarios: 1) the over-motivated client that gets burnt out and typically ends up rebounding in the other direction with their physique AND 2) the client who used proper progression and strategy to implement a successful meal plan program and starts seeing more definition in their physique.


I’ve also seen the SAME PERSON fail and succeed with meal plans at different times in their training. This is because it’s not the meal plan per se, it’s the MIND SET. So, how do you know if you have the proper mind set to challenge yourself to the ultimate progression of your nutrition?

custom meal plans for cutting phase

Custom meals plan for cutting phase

Well, first let me explain why meal plans for cutting phase are the ultimate progression in your nutrition:


Treating your body like an experiment, testing hypothesis on what works and what doesn’t work, and controlling every variable are just a few of the reasons meal plans are used by every top level physique athlete. The more advanced the nutritional protocol, the more rapid the results. When you are adjusting for total caloric intake, macronutrient partitioning (protein, carbs, and fat percentages), you can test what works on your body and what does not. Take two people on the same meal plan, with 100% adherence, and I guarantee they WILL NOT get the same results.


Even if the meal plan is just generic, sticking to a plan works. Just take the winner of the January Transformation Contest, Rick A. He stuck 100% to a meal plan that, while great, wasn’t tailored specifically to his body type, fitness level, or dietary preferences. Rick lost 15 lbs in 1 month and 2 percent body fat. Check out these before/afters!

meal plans for cutting phase

Rick A. used my meal plan for cutting phase

“What has made me happiest is having to buy a new wardrobe, and being in the best shape I have been in for the past 12 years”


After this, I decided to soft launch a meal plan service to a couple of clients who I thought would be great fits. Finding a meal planning software I could get behind in Evolution Nutrition, I decided to give it a go.

There were different qualities that made each client a good fit. And what were those?

– Coachable

– Hitting all points in their nutrition (good fats, lean protein, multi-v and krill every morning, slow eating- 20 minute meals, veggies)

– Looking for meal ideas and macronutrient partitioning that works for them

– Generally ate at home


It’s only been two weeks, but adding in the customization to each client has already shown some rapid results. Here’s what Ron H. had to say:

“I am really used to eating on the go at restaurants and I am enjoying having home cooked meals and having food that feels nutritious. So far, I’ve seen much less feeling of tiredness, acid reflex and all-in-all feeling better after eating. Even though the quantities are large I don’t get that uncomfortable food comma sensation you get after large meals.”

I am now offering 28 Day Meal Plans for cutting phase. You would be a great candidate if:


– If you are already eating ultra clean and want to take your nutrition to the next level 

– Looking for new meal ideas

– Generally eat at home most the time

– Cook or want to get better at cooking

– Uber type A personality


And who should probably stay away from a meal plan altogher?


– Yo-yo dieters

– Those who don’t eat clean already

– “All or Nothing” personality types

– Those with lofty goals

– If you’re already working with a coach or nutritionist


Why I LOVE Evolution Nutrition Meal Planning Software.


– Recommended daily caloric recommendations in weight loss and fat loss are completely different

– Registered dieticians created the software

– User interface is very user friendly

– Food swap option –> Client can swap out any foods they don’t like

– Shopping list

meal plan for cutting phase shopping list

Shopping list that comes with each meal plan

– Portion size comparisons for ease of implementation

meal plans for cutting phase

Quick reference guide that comes with each custom meal plan

I’m raffling off a CUSTOM 28 day meal plan in the referral raffle. If you’d like to purchase the 28 day meal plans, they are $29 with a month to month commitment. Shoot me an email if you’re interested, I would love to take your physique and performance to the next level.

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