My Top 5 Fat Loss Habits

Lamar Odom is the first guy in history to have coke and hookers save his marriage.

But how did he find himself at rock bottom with coke and hookers in the first place?

Lamar didn’t wake up one random day after living a drug and hooker free life and say, “you know what? I’m going to Vegas for a couple days to do some coke and party with hookers!”

If you think this was his first rodeo #reversecowgirl then you are out of your mind.

It was a summation of bad habits he has created for himself over the years.

We talked about habits last week, and how they have a “compound effect.” That is, compound enough habits into your life and you will get the outcome you want. No. Matter. What.

Here are my top 5 fat loss habits:


1. Deadlines!

I didn’t realize how well I worked off deadlines until I started putting them in my calendar.

“Deadline – initiate communication with 1 accounting firm to pitch speaking engagement”

“Deadline – Eat mindfully 4x/week +”

These notifications kept popping up on my phone, calendar, etc. and it was what put enough pressure on me to actually do these actions, which is why I’ve had an influx of clients this month and a decrease in body fat!

The problem with fat loss is we never put a time frame on where we want to be because we are programmed only to do that for “urgent matters.”

But fat loss IS an urgent matter. That’s why you need a deadline to motivate yourself so you can make your goal weight, body fat, girth measurements, etc.


2. Strength Training 3x/week

The more structured the better.

The more scientific the better.

Show me a before and after picture of someone who lost 40 pounds only doing cardio and I’ll tell you they just look like a skinner fat (“skinny fat”) version of their old self (like me circa 1998).

Show me a before and after picture of someone that lost 40 pounds by strength training and they look completely different. You can see separation in muscle, the skin looks almost as though it’s lifted, and the proportions of your body parts look much more aesthetically pleasing.


3. Write Down EVERYTHING

In order to learn something new, you need to use as many senses as possible.

It’s no wonder why our 9th grade teacher had us rewrite sentences in Spanish 3 times for homework.

Writing uses several of our main senses, so use a journal to log your:

– Workout

– Food

– Energy levels

– Sleep quantity and quality


4. Mindful Eating

To change your eating, you must change how you feel around food. When you eat, focus on the taste, texture, speed at which you are chewing, feeling of your mouth salivating, etc.

This will slow down the eating of your food and make it much more enjoyable.

And when you slow down, you will eat much less.


5. 10,000 Steps A Day

Burn an extra 300-500 calories a day with this habit. This is the easiest habit because it requires ZERO skill.

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