Nice M[Ass] Workout and Meal Plan of The Week

As the title entails, this is a lower body workout guided towards putting lean muscle mass on the lower body (especially the glutes). The calories in this weeks meal plan are a little higher and play with carb timing nicely to ensure caloric intake to be stored as energy instead of fat. There are only 4 different exercises in this routine but it should take about an hour and a half. It uses Charles Poliquins’ german volume training, which is basically tempo training 10 sets of 10 with planned rest.


A1. BB Glute Bridges Shoulders Elevated 10×10 4-0-x-0 tempo (4s down, no pause on bottom, explode up, and no pause on the top)

A2. Quadruped Band Resisted Hip Extension 10×10 4-0-2-0

B1. Standing Single Leg Calf Raises 3×15 each 3-0-2-0

B2. Hanging Straight Leg Raises 3×15 3-0-1-0

Meal Plan of The Week


Breakfast: 6 oz fruit; 3 slices whole wheat Ezekial Toast with 3 eggs in coconut oil (2 and 2 for women). ***Cut holes in the middle of each piece of toast and heat the oil in the skillet. Fry toast on both sides and put the egg in the middle of the bread where the hole is. Cook for 2 min each side

Post workout snack: Vanilla Whey protein (~25g protein) with water and frozen peaches (blended)

Lunch: 1 cup (1/2 cup for women) tuna, drained. 1 tbsp olive oil mixed with tuna. 3 oz diced cucumbers and 3 oz diced tomatoes. Combine all into a salad.

Dinner: 6 oz (4 oz women) diced chicken breast with 6 oz stir fry veggies. Fry veggies in 1 tbsp coconut oil and add in chicken.

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